onsdag 15. oktober 2008

Inspiration Award

award lill best

Today I want to send out AWARDS to new and old blog-friends who inspires me, and make me

smile every day:) It is a pleasure to read every single blog, and to know that I am a member of this "universe":) I am so happy for the comments you send me, and for the inspirations you all give me! As you can see I am trying to write English because one of my awards is "traveling" all the way to Texas in USA.

award lill bestThe first Inspiration Award goes to my dearest friend Anne Grethe and her blog The world of Sandnes. She is an amazing lady, and inspired me to start my own blog. She is creative, funny, mother to four children and her door is never closed . I am so happy to be your friend:) THANK YOU Anne Grethe.

award lill bestMy next Inspiration Award I will give to Kelli and her blog There is no place like home. If you have not been there yet, do not wait:) This is an amazing blog and inspires me every single day! She has the most beautiful pictures and poems you can ever imagine:) Thank you Kelli:) I will drop by every day!

award lill bestThe last Inspiration Award I will send to Tove and her blog Tankar frå ein kvardag. She is a new blog-friend, and she inspires me with her poems, pictures and her writing:) It is allways a pleasure to visit your blog. Thank you Tove.

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Fam.Sandnes sa...

Tuuusen milliona takk kjære Lill. Takk for nydeleg utmerking og for varmande ord.......

Ej sette umåteleg stor pris på dej...

God klem